Auto Heat Sealing Machine

Auto Heat Sealing Machine
1.Semi automatic bag packing machine;
2.Stable and high effective;
3.Easy control, easy assembly.

Product Details

Model: DBF 900

Condition: new

MOQ: 1set

Power scurce: 220V (you need a 110V to transfer it. )  50HZ

Power: 0.5kw

Temp controlling range: 0-300 Degrees Celsius

Sealing speed: 1--12meter/minute

Sealing width: 5--15mm (can adiustable)

Weight: 30KG per set

Package: 86cm*43cm*36cm

Product Introduction

Our DBF 900 Auto Heat Sealing Machine has adopted electronic thermostat control and automatic convey devices. It can control many kinds of film belt, usual be used in production line, also there's no limits on sealing length.

The macine can is seal automatic heat sealing machine for sealing aluminum foil bag,stand up bag,coffee bag,zipper bag,side gusset bag,food bag ,herbal incense bag and so on. It adopts adjustable automatic thermostatic control system and step-less speed regulation driving mechanism and can realize the thermal sealing of plastic film packing automatically and continuously. It will package 60-100pcs bags per minute by the sealing machine .

Product Features

1.Semi automatic bag packing machine; 
2.Auto Heat Sealing Machine is stable and high effective;
3.Easy control, easy assembly;

4.Electronic constant temperature control, stepless speed regulation;

5.Can seal different variety of material plastic bags.

The working principle of sealing machine

When the auto heat sealing machine is turned on, the heat generated by the electronic thermosensitive element causes the sealing material to pass through the conveyor belt through the temperature and speed and speed adjustment required by the temperature controller. The sealing member is sent to the two operating sealing braids. During the heating, the two heaters are pressed to bond the plastic film after heating, and then the bag is cooled in the cooling zone, and the sealing portion is composed of a pattern roller or a roller. Striped or textured and the necessary color belt drive section consists of a sealing strip, a lead strip and a conveyor belt, all of which are run synchronously by the motor drive.