Fish Bite Bag

fish bite bag

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Product Description

This fish bite bag is a perfect choice to catch a wide variety of saltwater species. The longer lasting formula features a cloth binder in the middle of the bait, which keeps it on the hook despite the efforts of notoriously toothy bait stealers.  In addition, this fish bite bag is designed to work in all water temperatures.

We do promise that all materials are certified by international standards.Due to the small size and light , this fish bite bag can be fold and it is really convenient. If you are fond of fishing, this fish bite bag is also an excellent choice for saltwater fishing,rivers and lakes.

If you are interested to our product, do not hesitate to contact us, our factory own many years design and production team, which ensures your product quality is best, and cheapest factory direct price. 

Product Feature

1). The bag comes with zipper. People can manual seal zipper part and  heat seal the open top section to       keep your products clean and free from moisture.

2). Our product is made of quality laminated material, which is perfectly suitable for packaging food and       herbs. 
3). It can be widely used in multi-purpose storage. Including herbs, coffee, tea, whey protein         powder, tobacco, spices, bath salts, and many more!

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