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Characteristics of flat bottom bags

May 16, 2015

1) there are five print pages, forward and back, left and right side and the bottom. With traditional upright at the bottom stand bags, stand up pouches or bags are not all the same, the difference is where the bottom flat bottom bags are very smooth and without any heat sealing edges, flat display the text or pattern so that product manufacturers or designers have plenty of space to play and describes the product.

2) composite of flexible packaging materials, can make use of different material characteristics of oxygen-permeable barrier, combined with different barrier material, more than regular paper bags and plastic packaging's ability to protect the product.

3) flat bottom bags/bags of the Quartet, stands on the goods themselves, and quartet formation, stand stability, plus packaging materials can be omitted.

4) in order to meet customer friendliness, flat-bottomed bags/square pouch attachable sealing zipper, zipper slider and so on.

5) convenience packaging may provide more information in flat-bottomed bags/square pouch.