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Electronic industry packaging machine position

May 16, 2015

Electronic packaging machinery industry development needs assistance. Development of packaging mechanical electronics industry support will be needed! is an advanced high-tech industry in the electronics industry, the importance of measuring a country's level of science and technology. And packaging machinery industry in the electronics industry are fairly marketable. Packaging machinery in a wide range of applications in the electronics industry. Dong Guan Xu Tian is a well-known veteran of the packaging machinery manufacturers of packaging machinery, has very high visibility in China. Xu Tian packaging machinery over the years always adhere to the road of independent innovation, and free of domestic packaging machinery technology on foreign dependence and strengthen its efforts to develop proprietary packaging machinery, Xu Tin packaging machinery has achieved fruitful fruits. Asahi introduced Tin packaging machinery and packaging machinery and equipment in recent years has the maximum to meet the market demand for commodities, for the development of the packaging machinery industry excludes stone in the development of the obstacles, Xu Tian packaging machines in the packaging machinery industry has a better development, but also to the packaging machinery industry to provide new space for development.