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Packaging industry has played an important role in the national economy

May 16, 2015

Packaging industry has become an important part of the development of our national economy. But for now, China's packaging industry has many unharmonious phenomena. This discord, related to company's utilitarian, but also with national technical standards for failure to update the relevant, more related to business costs low.

Green packaging is the packaging industry development trends, food safety is in China at present and in the next few years the focus of treatment areas, which had a direct impact on the development of plastic packaging materials.

Green plastic packaging materials not only to health, environmental protection, packaging functionality and high performance. This requires plastic packaging materials business in the following areas to further improve and enhance:

One is innovation and research and development of plastic materials and processing technology, making more high performance plastic packaging materials, and use of new materials of high performance, reduction of packaging material.

Second, promoting plastic blending technology, progress and development of new products and application technology of plastic additives, in the premise of ensuring the plastic packaging material non-toxic, health, environmental protection, using low-cost technologies to make plastic packaging material performance improvements, for reduction possible.

Third, enhance and improve plastic recycling technology, makes plastic packaging recycling rate increased significantly, improvement and eliminating plastic packaging materials to create "white" risks, improve resource utilization.

Four is the development of bio-based plastics, effective in regulating the biological degradation of plastic and cycle time, give full play to function of Bio-plastics packaging materials at the same time, reduction and elimination of plastic packaging materials on eco-environmental pollution and impact.

Wu is through independent research and development and technological innovation, reduce the cost of plastic packaging materials, new technologies, avoiding high cost, many green packaging of plastic materials can not be large scale problems.

Six is to develop intelligent advanced packaging technologies, use of the edible part of the plastic packaging materials, water-soluble and other characteristics, reducing the amount of packaging waste generated, and improve safety and environmental performance of plastic packaging.