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Plastic packing product offering investment project feasibility study report

May 16, 2015

With the development of China's capital market, more and more enterprises are determined in by way of the capital market to raise funds, enterprises continued to grow stronger. Plastic packing product offering investment project feasibility study report was to assist the enterprise to be listed before completing the IPO market offering tender for filing, examination and approval, and dock with the broker, prospectus to provide the necessary support for the enterprise's written report.

Raising investment and project design should be combined with segment reports and their own characteristics, reasonable prospects and profitability forecast projects accurately describes the company's core competitive advantages and the logical relationships between sustained profitability, and the feasibility, necessity and controllability to argue fully consistent Commission audits, to ensure that the audit by the SFC. Raised funds using problem, including financing of necessity problem, raised funds whether has clear of using direction, raised voted project whether has clear of profit prospects, on Super raised funds using of prepared situation whether full, whether will appeared blind expansion situation,, and venture board IPO was whether enterprise in the, close half exists raised funds using problem, visible, raised voted project in SFC audit stage is very key of a ring.