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Pet Food Bag Production Requirements

Jun 09, 2017

    All kinds of pet food bags, a combination of various materials, depending on the type of pet food varieties, the size of each package weight, packaging bag type, pet food manufacturers to test the packaging requirements, pet food processing food Treatment methods, pet food packaging after the preservation requirements, pet food packaging design requirements ..... and so on a variety of information together.

    Analysis, balance and choose the most reasonable value of the composite structure. Material selection, the printing with the additional design, such as multiple opening and closing seal zipper, slider zipper and so will help to enhance the maximum value of pet food packaging bags.Pet Food Bag

Pet food bag bag type: flat bag, four side sealed bag, standing bag, Siamese bag, back bag and so on. Currently on the market common pet food packaging plastic flexible packaging, composite plastic packaging, Zhisu packaging, such as aluminum-plastic packaging. No matter what kind of packaging, the quality of packaging is the first requirement. The market size of a variety of brands of packaging bags manufacturers so that the majority of pet food manufacturers pick the eye, I do not know where to start is good.Pet Food Bag

    Pet food packaging of the overall seal: If the packaging is not complete, no doubt in the air under the action of oxygen and water, pet food is easy to moldy, nutrients will be lost. Pet food packaging bag peel strength and heat sealing strength. At present, the most commonly used on the market for the zipper vertical composite plastic flexible packaging and aluminum plastic packaging. The use of composite structure can effectively improve the overall capacity of the packaging and barrier properties.Pet Food Bag

    Peel strength and heat sealing strength test, you can visually determine the composite bag composite quality. In the test, the packaging bag was cut into strips and the composite layer was pre-stripped. The pre-stripped sample was clamped on the upper and lower fixtures of the device and peeled off by the instrument to record the maximum peel force required to peel the composite layer Value, and calculate the peel strength. If the peel strength is too low, then the composite quality is poor, the bag can not be better to achieve multi-layer material dispersion force, together to achieve the quality of the barrier is expected to fall when the packaging is easy to break, barrier performance is lower than expected.

    Heat sealing strength represents the strength of the package seal. The use of intelligent electronic tensile testing machine can quickly and easily check the sealing strength of pet food flexible packaging bags. Puncture force, tearing force test, simulation of the bag in the role of sharp objects, the degree of solid bag. Intelligent electronic tensile testing machine can accurately measure the pet food packaging puncture force.

    Through the detection of packaging integrity, can be effective in the pet food packaging quality control, so as to avoid pet food packaging in the production, transportation or storage process of packaging damage and other issues to ensure that the pet food shelf life and product quality. The integrity of the food packaging will directly affect the shelf life of pet food. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of pet food and extend the shelf life of pet food, the quality of packaging to have strict requirements. So that the source of food packaging strict control of the channel, which can also be avoided because of the quality of packaging pet food quality problems.Pet Food Bag