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Application Of Sweep Code Machine In Coffee Bag

Sep 05, 2017

     Roasted coffee beans, packaged in foil bags, can avoid the exposure of coffee beans to light and air and cause the aroma to quickly circulate and oxidize. Roasted coffee beans will naturally emit secondary oxidation Carbon (CO2), such as accumulate in the packaging bag will affect the quality of coffee beans, and the bag on the vent valve on the air vent can let the bag of excess gas out, while the purchase of coffee can squeeze the packaging bag smell fragrance. Coffee

    The vent hole of the bag "exhaust valve" can isolate the light and air intrusion outside the packing bag, so that the coffee beans can keep the fresh flavor of the coffee beans in the best preservation and packing condition.Coffee Bag

     Because coffee beans will release a lot of carbon dioxide after baking. As long as there is a one-way exhaust valve in the coffee bag, you can let the baked coffee beans in the bag to emit carbon dioxide Outside the bag, will not cause the explosion bag. In addition, one-way exhaust valve can also block the outside of the oxygen into the bag, to avoid the oxidation of coffee beans caused by the rapid distribution of fragrance, so as to ensure the absolute flavor of coffee beans unchanged.Coffee Bag

     The coffee production on the bag-wrapping machine begins with the unwinding process. The film coil mounted on the shaft is extended on the unwinding machine, the film passes through the membrane frame and passes through a series of console when leaving the reel. The company will most The Smartdate code machine is installed in this position, to print a special barcode for the coffee bag film.Coffee Bag

     According to the minimum inventory unit and packaging of the product, a multi-line barcode is generally printed, including the product information of text and numbers, the date of production or validity and other details. Pass Smartdate Control box system settings, the speed of the printing machine can be adjusted according to the speed of the film. The film after the code will be formed by forming a small bag or outer packing bag, sealing several sides Coffee Bag

     The coffee, which comes out of the weighing system, falls into the freshly-made bag through the molding tube.

Then the film goes forward through more sealing stations to form a horizontal seal. Then, the bags are trimmed, separated from the film rolls, removed by the machine, and dropped onto the conveyor belt. At the same time, the next bagging The cycle begins again.Coffee Bag