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Coffee Bag Packaging Classification

Jun 20, 2017

    Common four types of packaging on the market: 1, flexible non-airtight packaging: This is the most economical one package. Usually used by local small baking plants, because they can guarantee rapid supply. Coffee beans can be consumed in time. This kind of packaging coffee beans can only be saved for a short time.Coffee Bag

2, airtight packaging: After loading the coffee, the vacuum and sealed up. Since the carbon dioxide is formed during the baking process, the package is packaged only after the coffee has been laid for a period of time to degrade it, so there are several days of storage intervals. Coffee beans are placed longer than coffee powder. Since the storage period does not need to be separated from the air, the cost is low. The coffee in this way should be used within 10 weeks.

3, one-way exhaust valve packaging: baked coffee placed in a special one-way exhaust valve. This exhaust valve allows the gas to go out but can not come in. No separate storage stages are required, but the fragrance will be lost due to the bleed process. It avoids the formation of corrupt flavors, but prevents the loss of aroma.Coffee Bag

4, pressurized packaging: This is the most expensive way, but can save coffee for two years. After a few minutes of roasting, the coffee can be vacuum packed. After adding some inert gas, keep the proper pressure in the package. The coffee beans are kept under pressure, so that the aroma flows on the fat, thereby improving the flavor of the drink.

    What is the effect of the ventilation holes on the coffee bag exhaust valve? 1, baked to complete the coffee beans, sealed with aluminum foil bag packaging, to avoid contact with coffee and light and air and lead to the rapid dissemination of fragrance and oxidation. 2, after baking the coffee beans will naturally emit carbon dioxide, such as accumulated in the bag will affect the quality of coffee beans, and bags on the exhaust valve on the ventilation holes to allow excess gas in the bag, and the purchase of coffee When you can squeeze the bags smell the smell. 3, the coffee bag "exhaust valve" vent hole can be isolated from the bag outside the light and air intrusion, so that the coffee beans in the best preserved packaging state, keep the fresh flavor of coffee beans.Coffee Bag