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Coffee Bag Production Process Details

Oct 19, 2017

With the accelerated pace of life, coffee gradually become an indispensable drink of people's daily life. But a large number of used coffee bags and disposable paper cups to a certain extent caused a waste. Several designers will coffee, coffee cups and stir bar together, the design of this coffee set: the paper bag can be used as a coffee cup to use, tear off the seal can be used as a stir bar to use. As a result, saving a lot of extra packaging and tools, not only very convenient but also effectively reduce the waste.Coffee Bag

Plastic bags, plastic bags, plastic bags, plastic bags, plastic bags, plastic vacuum bags, high temperature cooking bags, frozen bags, aluminum foil bags, aluminum Film bags, two composite bags, three composite bags. Plastic food packaging bags, generally two or three layers of materials from the compound. Composite bag outer printing material is generally pa (nylon), or pet (polyester), or opp (biaxially oriented polypropylene).Coffee Bag

pa / al / cpp material, can withstand 121 degrees Celsius high temperature cooking. Plastic food packaging bags, outer pa, pet, opp can print exquisite patterns. Can be based on the requirements of food packaging, the use of different materials produced to achieve high temperature cooking food packaging, vacuum food packaging, inflatable food packaging and general requirements of food packaging. Processing production of various reel stickers, battery standard, beverage standard, drug standard, computer printing stickers labels.Coffee Bag

Above the use of exquisite foil printing, a strong gold metal texture and a sunrise pattern, to create a high-level refined product image. LPK has assisted in the development of visual identification and packaging patterns and has provided sample packaging and marketing materials for the new coffee products.Coffee Bag