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Explanation Of The Necessity Of The Coffee Bag Exhaust Valve

Sep 25, 2017

     Coffee is a high quality taste delicate drink, coffee should be baked immediately with oxygen and moisture isolated to extend the shelf life. Coffee packaging requires a low oxygen transmission rate of composite packaging bags, coupled with heat seal, 100% of the seal. Coffee Bag

    Multilayer composite film combined with aluminum foil can play the best freshness effect of the baked coffee will release a large amount of carbon dioxide in a week, how can you keep the coffee in a sealed and air-insulated, but when it emits carbon dioxide in the packaging bag? Of course, one-way exhaust valve should be used on the packing bag.Coffee Bag

    The quality of the packaging and one-way exhaust valve is the ability to maintain low oxygen content in the bag: less than 5% is the basic need, and less than 1% is favored. One-way valve is the use of pneumatic beer valve machine (bc-pf-50), by heating and hot pressing, the plastic check valve is welded in a plastic bag, and the plastic bag is pierced through one or two holes in the hot pressing, so that the air inside the bag can be discharged, and the outside air is not able to enter the effect in the bag, So that the plastic bag has the function of exhaust and durability, at present in the coffee bags and tea bags widely used.Coffee Bag

    Roasted coffee beans, packaged in foil bags, can avoid the exposure of coffee beans to light and air and cause the aroma to quickly circulate and oxidize. Roasted coffee beans will naturally emit carbon dioxide (CO2), such as the product left in the bag will affect the quality of coffee beans, and the bag on the vent valve on the air vent can let the bag of excess gas out, while the purchase of coffee can squeeze the packaging bag smell fragrance.Coffee Bag

    Coffee bag "exhaust valve" vents can be insulated from the bag outside the light and air intrusion, so that coffee beans in the best preserved packaging state, to maintain the fresh flavor of the coffee beans.Coffee Bag