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Flat Bottom Pouch

Aug 28, 2017

               Flat bottom bag or square bag has the following characteristics: 1 A total of five printed layout, positive, back, left and right sides and bottom. The bottom is completely different from the traditional upright bag, stand-alone bag or standing bag, the difference is that the bottom of the flat bottom bag is very flat and without any hot sealing edge, and the text or pattern is displayed smoothly, so that the product manufacturer or designer has ample space to play and describe the product. 2 composite soft packaging materials, through the different materials of permeable oxygen barrier characteristics, combined to play a different barrier materials, and plastic packaging than the general paper bags can protect the product. 3 flat Bottom bag/square bag, standing on the cargo planes, the quartet flat, standing stable, you can omit the additional packaging materials. 4 in order to meet the customer's use of friendship, flat-bottomed bag/quartet bags can be attached to the zipper, sliding block zipper and so on.Flat Bottom Pouch

               Since the PE square bag is the square bag, we first divide the barrel body and the bottom of the bag into 2 parts. Then the stack is the square bag, we can introduce the square bag of material, use, and so on. Quality structure: From LDPE (high pressure low-density) and LLDPE (linear low density) blown through the film blowing machine, and then through the bag machine sealing bag made of plastic bags, can also be sold directly by the customer in use when the need to cut the sealing. PE bag According to the production process can be divided into flat pockets, folding bag and square bag; According to whether printing can be divided into blank bag and printing bag; According to whether Antistatic can be divided into ordinary and antistatic two kinds. Product performance: The material feels softer, the thickness is free to adjust. Product use: For large-scale machinery and equipment, furniture and other large-scale items waterproof and dustproof use, can also be used as general goods and electronic products. Product Advantage: Film width can be up to 1.8m, large three-dimensional square bag is not subject to oversized size and quantity restrictions.Flat Bottom Pouch

               Product model: PE square bag 1, square bag/square bag use of commonly used materials for PE; 2, the shape of the bag is flat-bottomed, applicable and packaging volume of larger items, such as cartons, machinery, etc. 3, according to customer demand tailored to the appropriate size; 4, Division I advantages: independent production, price advantage. The company all products are independent production, and has a good cost control system, can achieve the best price. Different orders for customers, in line with the production of different products, can be produced according to customer orders, from the number of small to hundreds of, large to millions of, specifications small to five or six meters, or even modified machine production special specifications to you.Flat Bottom Pouch