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Flexible Packaging Of Flat Bottom Pouch

Oct 30, 2017

A method for manufacturing flexible packaging, wherein the method comprises the following steps: Forming a packaging film tube on a vertical forming, filling and sealing machine, forming two vertical folds in the packaging film tube before sealing the packaging film pipe horizontally by moving the packaging film tube through a stationary pleated device A first horizontal seal is formed on the packaging film Tube, wherein the first horizontal seal comprises a portion of the two vertical folds.Flat Bottom Pouch

Forming a second horizontal seal on the packaging film tube, the second horizontal seal comprises a portion of the two vertical folds and, at the second horizontal seal, the portion of the packaging film tube is cut from the remainder of the packaging film tube to form a flexible package, The flexible package has two vertical angles supported along two opposite vertical edges.Flat Bottom Pouch

With regard to manufacturing devices and manufacturing methods with dual-structure plastic bags, that is, the endothelium and outer skin of plastic bags supplied in a double form are continuously adhered to in a device by means of a resin heating process, thereby improving the efficiency of the bag manufacturing and shortening the working time.Flat Bottom Pouch 

The manufacturing device and the manufacturing method of the double plastic bag according to the invention, the bag is made with a double structure of the endothelium and the outer skin, which effectively protects the contents of the bag from moisture and light, especially the ultraviolet rays, and the manufacturing process does not have to be run and stopped repeatedly, so the whole operation can be performed continuously. In this way, the process time can be effectively shortened.Flat Bottom Pouch

It can detect the sealing defects of all kinds of flat-bottomed bags and upright bags made from different materials. The detection process is complete without contact, and does not need to add water and coupling materials, so there is no damage to the packaging and products. At the same time, the equipment does not need sample preparation, can detect the invisible sealing defects, reduce and eliminate the potential defects of packaging and replace the manual detection.Flat Bottom Pouch