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Introduction To The Types Of Coffee Bags

Jul 03, 2017

     The world's first coffee tree was found in the Horn of Africa. Native tribes often grind the fruit of the coffee and knead it with animal fats to make many spherical balls. These indigenous tribes used the coffee balls as a valuable food for the soldiers who were about to march. Coffee is native to the tropical regions of northern and Central Africa, with a history of more than 2000 years of cultivation. The main growing area of the coffee tree is Brazil in Latin America, Colombia, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Haiti, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Côte d ' Ivoire, Cameroon, Guinea, Ghana, Central Africa, Angola, Congo, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, Asia, Indonesia, Viet Nam, India and the Philippines. According to statistics, there are 76 countries in the world to cultivate coffee.Coffee Bag
     Coffee bag as a bag of coffee, a dazzling assortment of goods, customers always choose their own preferences, in addition to the product itself and satisfaction, the concept of packaging design is affecting consumers to make a purchase decision. One-way exhaust valve packaging: roasted coffee in a special with one-way exhaust valve. The exhaust valve allows the gas to go out, but cannot come in. There is no need for a separate storage phase, but there is a loss of fragrance due to the degassing process. It avoids the formation of corrupt flavors, but prevents the loss of aroma. One-way exhaust valve coffee foil bag is the best way to store coffee beans and coffee powder, the product uses OPP28 composite material, with waterproof, oxygen, shielding, moisture, avoid light, puncture and other characteristics. One-way exhaust valve, can let the bag of coffee produced by the carbon dioxide out of the bag, while the outside oxygen will never return to the bag, the absolute guarantee of coffee flavor unchanged.Coffee Bag
     Product Advantages: 1. Shading insulation: good sealing, no absorption of light, and the adoption of multi-layer production, not easy to break bags, can play a very good moistureproof, anti-fouling effect. 2. Safety first: 100% non-toxic tasteless, green products, environmental protection products, in line with the national health standards of aluminum foil bag, assured protection. 3. Increase one-way exhaust valve: Suitable for coffee beans, coffee powder, such as bags in the need for one-way exhaust and blocking the oxygen into the outside of all products used.Coffee Bag