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Lean Packaging In A Coffee Bag

Aug 02, 2017

               Is a new way of packaging coffee products. The coffee bag consists of a shell that forms a separate coffee room and spice chamber, with a small hole or groove between the two chambers. A quantitative granular coffee products, preferably soluble coffee into the coffee room, a certain amount of aromatic volatile substances containing coffee spices, preferably coffee into the spice room. The connecting hole or groove between the two chambers allows the aroma to play the sex matter by?Coffee Bag

               Autumn thick afternoon, the sun is also gentle. From one weeks of intense work to break free, and casually took out a bag of coffee, stir into pure boiled water, brew a cup of thick coffee, reclining in soft sofa, enjoy the whispers of autumn. With a strong aroma of coffee, low-key soft music, cool and quiet space, thought began in the Misty Garden of Eden.Coffee Bag

               Coffee bag as a bag of coffee, a dazzling assortment of goods, customers always choose their own preferences, in addition to the product itself and satisfaction, the concept of packaging design is affecting consumers to make a purchase decision. The world's first coffee tree was found in the Horn of Africa. Native tribes often grind the fruit of the coffee and knead it with animal fats to make many spherical balls. These indigenous tribes used the coffee balls as a valuable food for the soldiers who were about to march.Coffee Bag