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Materials And Types Of Pet Food Bags

Aug 28, 2017

             Pet food bags, pet food packaging bags, for the packaging of a variety of pet food, its quality directly affect the quality of pet food, pet food packaging products fully embodies non-toxic environmental protection design. In pet products more and more attention today, packaging design is particularly important.Pet Food Bag

             Pet food packaging Bag production materials are mainly the following: 1, coextrusion PE film 2, woven bags 3, polypropylene/polyethylene, polyethylene, polyethylene/polyethylene, NY/PE double-layer composite bag 4, pet/ny/polyethylene, Polyester/mpet/polyethylene, Polyester/AL/polyethylene three-layer composite bag 5, PET/polyethylene/polyethylene/polyethylene, Polyester/AL/PET/polyethylene four-layer composite bag 6, pet/ny/al/rcpp high-temperature cooking bag wet grain/ Soft canned food packaging.Pet Food Bag

             Pet food Bag, the company specializes in production, a variety of material combinations, different types of pet food varieties, size, weight per package bag, pet food manufacturers testing needs, pet food processing, pet food packaging requirements, shelf life requirements, pet food packaging design requirements ... The combination of all kinds of information, analysis, balance and selection of the most reasonable value. This composite structure material, plus a few seals, zippers, zipper slider, exhaust valve, and other additional design, will help to improve the pet T food packaging Bag's maximum value. Pet Food Bag Packaging style: flat-bottomed bag, four-sided sealing bag, self-reliance bag, conjoined bag, back sealing bag,Pet Food Bag