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PE Vacuum Bag How Ingredients Can Be Softened

Aug 14, 2017

              General Pe+pet Bag, adhesion and transparency is better, is now the bag used more material. But the disadvantage of this vacuum bag is more brittle. Some products require a high, vacuum is afraid of leakage phenomenon. PA Vacuum bag Relative to Pe+pet, toughness is stronger a lot of vacuum more stable a lot of products to take a long time to vacuum put the PA vacuum bag. The two materials are relative to PA, nylon is more expensive than pet, so the bag PA vacuum bag is more than pet vacuum bag. To customize the vacuum bag, I suggest to find a manufacturer with experience in vacuum bag customization, because it can reduce your time cost, and can give you a lot of suggestions about packaging design and customization. Now the standard of living has improved, basically is the vacuum bag. This can improve the product shelf life, preservation time longer, more conducive to product sales.Vacuum Bag

              The chemical structure of PE vacuum bag and PP vacuum bag is different. PE, or polyethylene, is a simple structure of the polymer, by the repeated-ch2-units connected, polyethylene is through the addition of ethylene polymerization. PP refers to polypropylene, a kind of semi crystalline thermoplastic.Vacuum Bag

              PE vacuum bag and PP vacuum bag characteristics are different. Polyethylene odorless, non-toxic, feel like wax, good low-temperature performance, PE vacuum bag minimum temperature can reach -70~-100℃. Polyethylene chemical stability is good, can endure most acid-base erosion, at room temperature insoluble in the general solvents, water absorption is small, electrical insulation performance is excellent, but polyethylene thermal aging resistance is poor. Polypropylene has high impact resistance, strong mechanical properties, can resist a variety of organic solvents and acid-base corrosion.Vacuum Bag