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Physical Properties Of Vacuum Bags

Aug 14, 2017

    Vacuum bag, also known as personal moisture-proof bag, aluminum foil bag, aluminum-plastic composite bag, the material is generally PET/AL/CPE or PET/NY/AL/CPE. The pet--printing effect is good, ny--oxygen permeability is low, al--barrier is strong, opaque, cpe--packaging inner layer. Glue: Water soluble glue (more sanitary, environmental protection, no solvent residue) This product has good anti-static, oxygen, shielding, moisture-proof, shading function and excellent thermal seal.Vacuum Bag
    The use of pumps will pump the spiral interface to the end, to withstand the white rubber gasket suction port, to ensure that the interface is not leaking, generally a large bag needs to pump 3 to 5 minutes, probably to smoke 300 or 500 will have a clear phenomenon of pumping. In the use of suction pump attention should be continuous pumping, it is best not to pause. It is best to have a vacuum cleaner at home, that is, labor and convenience. Pumping air pump good or bad test: to tighten their face, and then pumping gas, if you feel suction on the pump vacuum bag is fine. After the time of the bag if there is drum rise phenomenon, in addition to the sealing is not strict, on the one hand, the bag in the quilt and other things will release gas, will also reduce the vacuum degree, on the other hand, from the physical point of view, the material is also a gap, due to the role of negative pressure, the passage of time air molecules will also be "squeezed into" the bag, the vacuum effect will gradually reduce.Vacuum Bag
    Vacuum packaging machine is the packaging bag in a low vacuum, immediately automatic sealing. Vacuum bag Because of the high vacuum in the bag, the residual air very little, can inhibit the reproduction of bacteria and other microorganisms. For some soft items, after vacuum packaging can be reduced volume. Thus can be packaged goods to achieve the "four prevention, two provinces, one durability" characteristics: namely Moistureproof, mildew, anti-pollution, antioxidant, province volume, the province freight, the extension of storage period.Vacuum Bag
    Vacuum packaging machine is applicable to a variety of plastic composite film bags or aluminum foil composite film bags, such as polyester/polyethylene, Vacuum Bagnylon/polyethylene, polypropylene/polyethylene, polyester/aluminum foil/polyethylene, nylon/aluminum foil/polyethylene and other composite materials for a variety of raw and cooked food, fruit, native products, medicinal herbs, chemicals, precision instruments, clothing, metal products, electronic components, military products and other solid, powdery objects, liquid, solid and liquid mixture of vacuum packaging. In the food industry, vacuum packaging food is very common, a variety of cooked products such as: chicken legs, ham, sausages and so on; pickled products such as a variety of pickles and a variety of soy products, candied fruit, such as a variety of food needs to be kept more and more use of vacuum packaging, after the vacuum packaging food preservation period long,Vacuum Bag