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Reagent Testing Of Pet Food Bag

Oct 19, 2017

Pet food packaging in a variety of forms, for different specifications of the pet food packaging. Currently on the market common packaging styles include: aluminum and steel cans, aluminum foil, composite film flexible packaging, paper bags, cardboard boxes, multi-layer fiber composite containers, and one-time convenience packaging and other forms of packaging. Among them, PET, AL, PE, OPP, CPP, CPPP, VMPET, BOPA, RCPP and so on.Pet Food Bag

For pet food manufacturers, the use of appropriate packaging materials to ensure that the shelf life of the product is essential. Therefore, the need for packaging materials and packaging for strict quality control. As we all know, microbial breeding requires a certain environment, the most important of which is the three factors that the ambient temperature, oxygen and water. Oxygen is the main cause of rancidity, the less the oxygen content, the less the possibility of rancidity, and moisture can provide the environment for micro-organisms to accelerate the hydrolysis of fat and shorten the shelf life of food. During shelf life, the amount of oxygen and moisture in the package is more dependent on the integrity and barrier properties of pet food bags.Pet Food Bag Test, the first sample in the standard environment (23 ± 2 ℃, 50% RH) in the balance 48h, select the non-wrinkled parts of the round sample. The pre-treated sample was loaded into the upper and lower chambers of the OX2 / 230 oxygen permeability test system. At this point, the sample was divided up and down. The upper chamber is a flow of high purity oxygen and the lower chamber is a flowing high purity nitrogen. During the test, the oxygen molecules pass through the sample into the lower chamber, passing the flowing high purity nitrogen to the oxygen sensor and through the oxygen sensor The concentration of oxygen, and then calculate the oxygen permeability of the sample and other parameters. The test conditions were tested at 23 ° C and 50% RH.Pet Food Bag