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Specification For Flexible Packaging Of Coffee Bag

Sep 14, 2017

     Different kinds of coffee packaging its material is not the same, the general raw bean export packaging material is simple, ordinary sack material. Instant coffee Packaging also has no special material requirements, basically the use of general food packaging materials. and coffee beans (powder) packaging due to oxidation and other requirements will generally use opaque plastic composite materials, as well as more environmentally friendly Kraft paper composite materials.Coffee Bag

    The packaging form of products mainly depends on the selection of its packaging materials, material is an important part of packaging design, a fine packaging without material choice, its design works are also scrap. Only the exquisite packaging works combined with appropriate packaging form, the creative style of its packaging can be vividly displayed. To take the coffee packaging design, we see in the supermarket coffee packaging to show a strong flavor, it is inseparable from packaging materials and style design. Our common coffee packaging design is generally divided into soft packaging and hard packaging in two forms.Coffee Bag

     The soft packaging of coffee is made of paper box + plastic bag. The outer box is the paper packing, the small bag inside is to be embodied by the plastic packing. Paper with printing adaptability, printed text, design clear, and beautiful. It has the advantages of low cost, easy printing, no toxicity when using, and easy to recycle. In today's international situation of energy conservation and environmental pollution control, pollution-free "green packaging" is springing up all over the world. Coffee Bag

    It can not only meet the requirements of air permeability, moisture-proof, earthquake-resistant and pressure-resisting, but also facilitate the recycling and use of paper packaging materials without causing environmental pollution.

The plastic packaging of coffee is commonly used in instant coffees. It is a powder-like package for small bags of plastic bag can be very good protection of product sealing, storage convenience, brewing convenience. Packaging materials are inexpensive and affordable.Coffee Bag