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The Making Of Flat Bottom Pouch

Sep 05, 2017

     A vertical upright bag, flat-bottomed bag, or flexible packaging, and their manufacturing methods, are manufactured by using a quick replacement module to modify existing vertical forming and filling machines. The invention relates to producing a vertical upright bag or a flat bottom bag with a single piece of film by forming one or two vertical folds along a packaging film tube before a horizontal seal is formed on the packing tube.Flat Bottom Pouch

     This vertical wrinkle is the use of vertical forming of existing technology, a fixed or stationary device (104, 105, 106) formed by the filling and sealing mechanism, which includes a quick replacement module (94), which is easily fitted to the bottom of a forming tube.Flat Bottom Pouch

     A method for manufacturing flexible packaging, wherein the method comprises the following steps: A packaging film tube is formed on a vertical forming, filling and sealing machine, and a two vertical folds are formed in the packaging film tube before the packaging film pipe is horizontally sealed by moving the packaging film tube and through a stationary pleated device.Flat Bottom Pouch

     Forming a first horizontal seal on the packaging film tube, the first horizontal seal comprises a portion of the two vertical folds; a second horizontal seal is formed on the packaging film Tube, wherein the second horizontal seal comprises a portion of the two vertical folds; and at the second horizontal seal, Cutting the portion of the packaging film tube from the remainder of the packaging film tube to form a flexible package with two vertical angles supported along two opposite vertical edges.Flat Bottom Pouch