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The Method Of Using Vacuum Compress Bag

Jul 11, 2017

             The function of the compressed bag: One, the storage object volume compress to the original 1/3, effectively expands the collection space. Second, the compression bag has the function of preventing flea, mould, damp and antibacterial, ensuring the cleaning and preservation of clothing and bedding for a long time. Third, compressed bags in addition to the storage of clothing, but also to save important documents. Four, the use of slide-piece double teeth zipper, storage bags better sealing. Five, vacuum cleaner, pump dual-use.Vacuum Bag

              Usage: 1: First of all, the quilt, down, down, ready to compress things, wash, folding good ... 2: The quilt, down, down, down, down to compress something into the vacuum bag . 3: With the slide will seal the seal, here to note is that the hand pump first do not seal the entire seal, leave a cut (or only half of the mouth), and then try to squeeze the air out of the bag, can also be used to sit on the top of the hand pressure (when you will be able to smoke more quickly ha, with the vacuum cleaner see you like to pull), after extrusion, with the slide hard back and forth more slippery, to ensure that the seal is not leaking. 4: Remove the lid from the vacuum compress bag, put it away, don't lose it, . 5: Loosen the bottom of the lid of the valve, loosen a 1-2-ring (twist loose to facilitate the gas out, to pull the end of the tight), but do not twist down Oh! (a friend said loosen also smoke not to vent, at this time to unscrew the valve to see if it blocked the vent) inside the red gasket is to prevent leakage, when pumping gas is to prevent the backflow of the gas (hand pump must not take off) 6: Start, with the hand pump to the valve door, to ensure that the pump mouth at the door (when the swing amplitude can not be too big) pumping it, generally to smoke 3-6 minutes or so. Some people say smoke a few, did not reflect, the vacuum cleaner will take more than 20 seconds to be done, you smoke a few of the vacuum cleaner more than 20 seconds ah, right! 7: A few minutes later the effect came out, the bag is affixed to the inside of the quilt, down, down, down, flat pull. 8: Then press the valve in the clockwise direction to tighten the bottom of the lid oh, tighten the point . 9: I just told you not to lose the lid now use, put it on, the compression is finished. It is also very simple to take out the seal as long as you pull it out.Vacuum Bag

               Note: First, clothing, bedding and so on before placing into the collection bag, please fully dry. Do not put insect protection agents, preservatives and clothing colleagues into the bag, so as not to cause the collection of items discoloration, deterioration, such as clothing, bedding and other items should be as far as possible in the bag inside, at least a few centimeters from the sealing zipper. Do not force large items into the bag, avoid bursting the mouth. Please use the corresponding specifications of the compressed bag. Third, the zipper part, if there is fiber, dust, feather class Enter, will reduce the sealing performance, to use cotton cloth wipe clean and then close the zipper. IV. Vacuum cleaners before use to clean the inside of the rubbish, so as not to affect the absorption efficiency, when inhaling, with the hands of the compressed bag surface, the suction can play an auxiliary role. Five, after the end of pumping, to use the slide in the seal repeated back and forth to ensure the sealing of sealing. The items to be stored should be clean, dry and perishable, and do not put the food in the bag. The zipper part of the compressed bag, such as the frequent bending of the warp, will reduce the sealing performance. Eight, please avoid the heat source, fire, do not use needles, nails and other hard things directly contact the compressed bag, lest the bag is damaged.Vacuum Bag