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The Necessity Of Packaging The Exhaust Valve For Coffee Bag

Oct 11, 2017

With the accelerated pace of life, coffee gradually become an indispensable drink of people's daily life. But a large number of used coffee bags and disposable paper cups to a certain extent caused a waste. Several designers will coffee, coffee cups and stir bar together, the design of this coffee set: the paper bag can be used as a coffee cup to use, tear off the seal can be used as a stirring bar to use. As a result, saving a lot of extra packaging and tools, not only very convenient but also effectively reduce the waste.Coffee Bag Coffee is a kind of high quality taste delicate drink, coffee baking should be immediately after the oxygen and moisture isolation to extend the shelf life. Coffee packaging requires a low oxygen transmission rate of composite bags, plus heat sealing, one hundred percent of the seal. Multi-layer composite film plus aluminum foil can play the best preservation effect Each baked coffee will release a lot of carbon dioxide in one to two weeks, how can we save coffee in a sealed and air-isolated, but can discharge carbon dioxide packaging What about the bag? Of course, you should use a one-way exhaust valve on the bag. Measuring the quality of bags and one-way exhaust valves is that they maintain the ability of low oxygen content in the bag: less than 5% is the basic need, less than 1% is favored.Coffee Bag

The one-way valve is a pneumatic valve machine (BC-PF-50), through the heating and hot pressure way, the plastic check valve welded in plastic bags, hot pressing at the same time the plastic bag pierced one or two Small holes in order to achieve the air inside the bag can be outside, and the outside air can not enter the bag effect, so that the plastic bag with exhaust and durability of the function, the current application of coffee bags and tea bags more widely.Coffee Bag