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The Overall Tightness Test Of Pet Food Bag Packaging

Aug 02, 2017

                Through the detection of packaging integrity, can effectively control the quality of pet food packaging, so as to avoid pet food packaging in the production, transportation or storage process of packaging damage and so on, to ensure that pet food shelf life and product quality.Pet Food Bag

                pet food packaging of the overall tightness test: Sealing performance testing can determine the overall integrity of pet food packaging, can be divided into positive pressure test and negative pressure test two methods. Labthink lssd-01 leakage and seal strength tester can be tested on the performance of pet food packaging, such as thermal seal strength, bursting pressure, seal leakage and overall pressure resistance, etc. The lssd-01 has three methods of rupture test, creep test and creep to rupture test. During the test, the test specimen is filled with air and the maximum pressure of the specimen is tested to determine the maximum rupture pressure. Through creep test, creep to rupture test, the sealing quality of pet food packaging can be tested, and the weak parts of seal are found.Pet Food Bag

                The Labthink mfy-01 sealing tester belongs to the negative pressure test, the instrument is in accordance with the GB/T 15171 standard design, testing principle for the sample into the vacuum tank, vacuum tank, so that the immersion in the water sample produced internal and external pressure difference, the sample swelling or sample of the gas spillover, to determine the test specimen sealing performance. MFY-01 can test the overall sealing performance of the specimen, through the mfy-01 can detect the packaging material of various needle marks, not obvious cracks and sealing quality.Pet Food Bag