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The Purchase Characteristics Of The Coffee Bag

Aug 14, 2017

    Now the coffee is getting more and more popular. As the sales of coffee more and more, coffee bags naturally follow, then the problem? How to pick a good coffee bag! Features of the coffee bag with one-way exhaust valve: 1. Airtight packaging, no breakage, can avoid two pollution 2. Special materials for packaging, with moisture-proof function, easy to store and transport, logistics, such as 3. Coffee Bag
    To maintain the natural characteristics of the product, let you taste the flavor of the country of Origin 4. The active bag without vacuum function to achieve the vacuum effect, the preservation principle with one-way exhaust valve coffee bag: 1. Use special foil packaging bags: can completely isolate the sun, air, water vapor and oxygen to the coffee 2. Use one-way air valve: one-way exhaust valve can make the bag of coffee beans produced by the carbon dioxide and other gases one-way out. The outside air, oxygen can not pass through one-way exhaust valve into the bag inside damage to the quality of coffee beans, can retain the freshest original aroma of coffee. 3. Coffee beans can be immediately packaged after baking: because there is a one-way exhaust valve, bags will not appear in the bag and the phenomenon of broken bags.Coffee Bag
    Flexible non-airtight packaging: This is the most economical kind of packaging. They are usually used by local small baking plants because they can guarantee rapid delivery. Coffee beans can be exhausted in time. The coffee beans in this way of packing can only be kept for a short time. Airtight packing: After filling the coffee, vacuum and seal it. Because of the formation of carbon dioxide in the baking process, the packaging can only be packaged after a period of time when the coffee is put out of steam, so there is a storage interval for several days. The coffee bean is placed longer than the coffee powder. Because the storage period does not need to be separated from air, so the cost is low. This type of packaging should run out in 10 weeks.Coffee Bag
    One-way exhaust valve packaging: roasted coffee in a special with one-way exhaust valve. The exhaust valve allows the gas to go out, but cannot come in. There is no need for a separate storage phase, but there is a loss of fragrance due to the degassing process. It avoids the formation of corrupt flavors, but prevents the loss of aroma.Coffee Bag