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The Storage Of Pet Food Bag

Oct 11, 2017

Pet food packaging does not have a very high water resistance, the packaging of food is likely due to moisture and agglomeration, serious will lead to the breeding of micro-organisms, endangering the health of pets. According to the "GB / T 1037-1988 plastic film and sheet vapor permeability test method cup method" test, the test conditions for the temperature of 38 ± 0.6 ° C, relative humidity of 90 ± 2% of the standard, The Pet Food Bag Moisture permeability tester, the use of high-precision weighing sensor to improve the test accuracy, effectively shorten the test process to determine the time of osmotic balance, and thus effectively shorten the time of the entire test. Secondly, the temperature and humidity control technology and weighing technology design and with the computer control technology to achieve the test environment in the test weighing, without human intervention, so that the test process completely free from the outside world, the test results more accurate, fully meet the aluminum foil Requirements for moisture permeability testing of high resistance materials. In addition, the device also single cavity, three chamber, six cavity and twelve cavity optional, to meet the needs of different customers.Pet Food Bag

Pet food Nutrients are mainly protein (18%) and fat, auxiliary nutrients are amino acids, minerals, crude fiber, crude ash and vitamins. These nutrients can meet the needs of pet growth, so that pet color to keep shiny, but also a good natural microbial culture medium.Pet Food Bag

Pet food in the protein under the action of microorganisms will be broken down into organic amines, mercaptans and other substances, with malodor, resulting in food corruption, which is easily broken down by micro-organisms to produce a stimulating smell of ketones and aldehydes and other substances The These decomposed low molecular substances not only affect the senses of pet food, but also have lost the protein, fat and other raw material should have nutritional value. Therefore, both in the production process or on the shelf should be as much as possible to inhibit the activity of microorganisms.Pet Food Bag