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The Use Of The Vacuum Bag Compression Bag

Oct 19, 2017

Compression bag function: storage volume of the object to the original 1/3, effectively expand the collection of space. Compressed bags with anti-fleas, mold, moisture, antibacterial effect, to ensure that clothing, bedding and other long-term clean and preserved. Compressed bags in addition to storage clothing, but also save important documents.Vacuum Bag 

The use of a vane double zipper, storage bag, the better sealing. Vacuum cleaner, suction pump dual use. How to use: first to quilts, duvets, down jacket ready to compress things, wash, fold good. Place the quilts, duvets, down jackets ready for compression into the vacuum compressed bag.Vacuum Bag

With a vane to seal the seal, it is important to note that the first hand pump should not seal the whole seal, leaving a hole (or only half of the mouth), and then try to try to squeeze the air out of the bag , Can also be used to hand pressure can also sit on top (so will be more time to pull the Kazakhstan, with a vacuum cleaner to see you like to pull), squeeze out the gas, with a slide back and forth more than a few sliding, Do not leak.Vacuum Bag

Clothing, bedding and so on in the collection bag before the full sun. Do not place insect repellants, preservatives and servants in the bag, so as not to cause the items to be discolored, deteriorated and so on. Clothing, bedding and other items should be placed inside the bag, at least from the closure zipper centimeters. Large items do not force into, to avoid the break pocket. Please use the appropriate specifications of the compression bag. Zipper part, if fiber, dust, feathers into, will reduce the sealing performance, use a cotton cloth to clean and then close the zipper.Vacuum Bag

Vacuum Cleaner Please clean the inside of the garbage before use, so as not to affect the absorption efficiency, inhale, hand beat the surface of the compressed bag, the suction can play a supporting role. After the end of the pumping, use the vane to repeat the seal back and forth once again to ensure the sealing of the seal. The items to be stored should be clean, dry, not perishable, do not put food into the bag. Compression of the zipper part of the bag, such as frequent bending lead to deformation, will reduce the sealing performance.Vacuum Bag