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Vacuum Packing Bag

Aug 28, 2017

                 The advantages of vacuum bags as a professional manufacturer of plastic vacuum bag manufacturers, our company produces the plastic vacuum bag has the following advantages: 1, can be used in vacuum packaging, aseptic packaging, liquid packaging, inflatable packaging. 2, resistant to 120 degrees Celsius high-temperature cooking, resistant to Celsius low-temperature refrigeration, durability, freshness, protection of odor. 3, the use of different structural design, you can achieve the different quality requirements. 4, in the middle of the addition of nylon, metallocene polyethylene and other plastic materials, so that plastic vacuum bags with more than the general plastic packaging composite strength, there is no delamination stripping phenomenon, good softness, heat sealing performance. 5, plastic vacuum bag vacuum shrink packaging, volume ratio of nearly 100%, which is glass, iron cans, paper packaging can not be compared.Vacuum Bag

                 Now the market has sales of vacuum compression bag material mainly two kinds, one is polyamide + polyethylene (ie pa+pe), PA commonly known as nylon, is ordinary plastic. The Pa+pe vacuum compression bag is a new plastic compound made of plastic and nylon. This material made of bags softer, flexible toughness is better, the degree of adhesion is also higher, the temperature does not change the character, not easy to leak, more durable, generally available for several years. So the bag cost of this material is also relatively high. Although your point, but good quality, as long as the use of good, compression does not leak, durable, than spend less money to buy a bad use a few times, is not it?Vacuum Bag

                 Another kind of compression bag is pe+pet material. PET is the abbreviation of phthalic acid glycol ester, commonly known as polyester polyester. Pe+pet is polyester polyester and ordinary plastic composite, called High-strength Composite film. General Pet+pe bag, adhesion is better, is now the compressed bag used more material. But the shortcoming of this bag is relatively crisp, not soft, especially in low temperature will harden and lead to easy rupture, adhesion is not good, more easily leak, for friends in the North do not recommend buying this bag.Vacuum Bag