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What Are Flat Bottom Pouch Of Flat Bags?

May 22, 2017

Flat bag, also known as the four bags, are innovative flexible packaging bags.

Flat bag or square bag has the following characteristics:

1) There are five printed sections, positive, back, left and right sides and bottom. The bottom of the vertical bag, stand-alone bag or standing bag is completely different, the difference is that the bottom of the flat bag is very flat and without any heat sealing edge, the text or pattern displayed flat; so that product manufacturers or design The division has plenty of space to play and describe the product.

2) composite made of flexible packaging materials, through the permeable oxygen permeability of different materials, the combination of play a different barrier material, and plastic packaging than the average paper bag is more able to protect the product.

3) flat bag / square bag, standing on the stock, the four square formation, standing stable, you can omit the additional packaging materials.

4) In order to meet the customer's use of friendliness, flat bag / square bag can be added to re-seal zipper, slider zipper and so on.

What are the advantages of flat bags?

    1. The bottom of the flat standing stable, is conducive to the shelf display, and ordinary standing bags in the visual obvious difference, to attract consumers eye, the company's products to enhance the packaging grade. Flat bag

    2. There are five sides, can be sufficient to describe the product or multi-language product sales, the global sales of products to promote the most applicable

    3. As the bottom of the bag flat open, if the bag lying flat, the bottom is the best display layout

    4. Four sides sealed straight standing, is conducive to the product show the beautiful

    5. Flat-bottomed zipper bag with a zipper, the consumer can re-open and close the zipper, the box is unable to compete.

    6. Unique appearance, to guard against counterfeiting, consumers easy to identify, favorable brand established.