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Why Does The Coffee Bag Have To Add Exhaust Valve?

Jul 11, 2017

                  Coffee bag as a bag of coffee, a dazzling assortment of goods, customers always choose their own preferences, in addition to the product itself and satisfaction, the concept of packaging design is affecting consumers to make a purchase decision. Coffee is native to the tropical regions of northern and Central Africa, with a history of more than 2000 years of cultivation. The main growing area of the coffee tree is Brazil in Latin America, Colombia, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Haiti, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Côte d ' Ivoire, Cameroon, Guinea, Ghana, Central Africa, Angola, Congo, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, Asia, Indonesia, Viet Nam, India and the Philippines. According to statistics, there are 76 countries in the world to cultivate coffee.Coffee Bag

                   1, baked coffee beans, sealed with aluminum foil bag, can avoid coffee beans and light and air contact, resulting in rapid aroma and oxidation. 2, roasted coffee beans will naturally emit carbon dioxide (CO2), such as the product left in the bag will affect the quality of coffee beans, and the bag on the vent valve on the air vent can let the bag of excess gas out, while the purchase of coffee can squeeze the packaging bag smell fragrance. 3, the coffee bag "exhaust valve" vents can be insulated from the bag outside the light and air intrusion, so that coffee beans in the best preserved packaging state, to maintain the fresh flavor of coffee beans.Coffee Bag

                   Because the coffee beans will release a lot of carbon dioxide when baked. As long as there is a one-way exhaust valve in the coffee bag, you can make the bag baked coffee beans produced by the carbon dioxide out of the bag, will not cause the explosion bag. In addition, one-way exhaust valve can also block the outside of the oxygen into the bag, to avoid the oxidation of coffee beans caused by the rapid distribution of fragrance, so as to ensure the absolute flavor of coffee beans unchanged.I used Wagin coffee exhaust valve, very good!Coffee Bag