stand up pouches for food

stand up pouches for food
1.Recycable, Eco-friendly
2.With exquisite gravure printing, OEM acceptable.
3.Multi- Layer barrier films for freshness and strength.

Product Details
Item Name stand up pouches for food
ShapeThree-Dimensional Bag
Sealing & HandleHeat Seal
Raw MaterialsHigh Pressure Polyethylene Plastic Bag
Structure & Material

Quad-layer: PA/AL/PETE/CPE;

Tri-layer: PETE/AL/CPE, BOPP/AL/CPE etc. 

Customized by various material structure and thickness to meet your special requirements. 

AppearanceOpaque, silver white, glossy or mat
Stockage ConditionsTemperature≤ 38° C, humidity≤ 90%. 
SpecificationCommon: 100microns to 180microns thick, flat bag type, 10mm seam. Thickness, dimensions, bag type can be customized by your request. 

Product Introduction

The stand up pouches for food are made of a very durable material that is not crushed, damaged or broken like cardboard, plastic or glass. These packages prevent the contents from coming into contact with air or dust, thereby increasing the shelf life of the product.

The cost of manufacturing such a bag is much lower than the cost involved in making a box or bottle, which can help you save a lot of money on the package. They can be used to store a variety of content by adding special features such as zippers, spouts, top holes and tear slots. They are extremely durable and not easily torn or pierced, making them an excellent choice for storing chocolate/candies and pet food.

Product Features

1.Our stand up pouches for food are ecycable, Eco-friendly

2.With exquisite gravure printing, OEM acceptable.

3.The stand up pouches for food have multi-Layer barrier films for freshness and strength.

4.Side panel printing for increased brand exposure.

5.Sealed on the four corners of the bag, offers four crisp, clean panels for labels and graphic placement and an overall strong shelf presence.

6.High gloss and matte film finishing are both available.

Product Scope
A: The Suitable for PCB, electronic products, precise mechanical spare parts, consumable goods, industry goods etc. 
B: The stand up pouches for food: Rice, meat products, dried fish, sea food products, cured meat and fish, roasted duck, carbonado, frozen food, ham, sausage, spice etc. 

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