Rice Paper Stand Up Bag

Rice Paper Stand Up Bag
-Stanfd up kraft paper bag with window and zipper for food packaging
-High puncture resistance
-Long shelf life

Product Details

Product Name Rice Paper Stand Up Bag

1.It will take 8-12days for the printed samples, or 5-7days for plain samples.
2.Free for firm order.



Laminated Material

Outer: PET, BOPP, PET, MATT BOPP, Paper.
Middle: Paper, PET, MET PET, AL etc.
Inner: LLDPE, CPP, PE etc.;


Customize, and can refer to the item of Laminated Material.

Surface HandlingGravure Printing, Lamination  

Product Introduction

Rice Paper Stand Up Bags are quickly becoming one of our most popular packaging options. These stand up pouches feature a clear band window on one side of the bag that allows just the right amount of attention to your packaged food items while on the shelf. The rice paper material offers a unique look and texture to the packaging that will surely attract your customers. Along with its other features, such as the reclosable zipper, material and stand up capabilities, these pouches make an excellent and popular choice as food packaging bags!

Product Features 

1. The rice paper stand up bag has high quality with reasonable price and best services.

2. Timely delivery

3. Moisture-proof and waterproof,reusable

4. Stanfd up kraft paper bag  with window and zipper for food packaging  

5. High puncture resistance 

6. Long shelf life 

7. FDA approval

Usage Field        

The rice paper stand up bag is very suitable for snack food, nuts, dried food, dried fruit, milk powder, beverage powder, coffee, candy, confectionary, sugar, bread, cake, tea, beverage, juice, jelly, herbal, wheat, cereals, tobacco, spice, rice, salt, flours, seeds, pet food, washing powder etc.